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After School Enrichment Classes

Students can enjoy a robust offering of after school classes that enrich their educational experience. The collaboration between MWPTA and FOMWS brings an assortment of class offerings to our students. Our After School Enrichment classes are meant to help support the varied interests of your children and are not an after school care program.

Once you enroll your child in a class make sure that the teacher has confirmed receipt of your payment and enrollment.

If you have any general questions, want to make a class suggestion, and/or want to share your talents with our school community you can contact us [email protected].

parker-anderson enrichment 

parker anderson

Please be aware that the after school classes are not an after school care program. Children must be enrolled in an after school program or be picked up by an adult as soon as the class is over.


Ready to get your student out in a fun and safe way? To explore age appropriate hikes with fun activities? Sign up for Biocitizen! Students will explore some of Los Angeles most beautiful mountain ranges, biodiversity, and urban parks. The program is approximately 14-15 weeks long and is broken down into two groups: Monday Group (K - 2nd) and Friday Group (5th - 6th grade). 

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