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For information about joining the PTA please visit the official Mt. Washington PTA website. 

Mt. Washington Elementary School PTA (“MWPTA”) is a nonprofit organization with the mission of supporting the Mt. Washington Elementary School community and enhancing every student and family’s experience at our school. Through membership dues and fundraising, MWPTA helps fund various educational supports such as a full-time Intervention Teacher, Teachers’ Aides in our classrooms, Physical Education, Visual Arts and Performing Arts (VAPA) programs. MWPTA also helps the school fund a Psychiatric Social Worker (PSW) and School Counselor. Their work supports the social emotional needs of our students. We organize parent and community volunteers, provide after-school enrichment programs, host parent education seminars, and plan special events for the school community including the annual Pancake Breakfast, Mt. Washington Made Craft Fair, Halloween Carnival and Book Fair.

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As a member of the PTA: 

  • You stay connected. It’s the best way to know what’s happening at school, and to develop relationships with our community of parents, your child’s teacher and principal.
  • You discover new resources. PTA offers a variety of programs and materials for students, parents, families, schools and communities.
  • You are a role model. As a PTA member, you demonstrate to your child that you are engaged in their education and prioritize school.
  • You make a difference! By working together, PTA members have helped advance local, state and national laws and policies to improve the education, health, and safety of all children.



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