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Beyond the state and district core curriculum, students engage in the following:

  • Accelerated Reader
  • Visual and Performing Arts
  • Project and Designed-Based Learning
  • Technology Instruction
  • STAR P.E.
  • Filed Trips
  • Enrich L.A.
  • Writer's Workshop
  • Cognitively Guided Instruction
  • Responsive Classroom

Afterschool Program

  • Youth Services Programs - Beyond the Bell
  • STAR/Nova Programs
  • Enrichment Classes
  • Robotics Team
  • and much more!

visual and performing arts


Beret Malmgren (Ms. Beret), MFA is an itinerant theatre teacher provided in part through the Arts Education Branch of LAUSD. She teaches creative drama, following the California Arts Standards for Theatre. She facilitates theatre instruction for all the students and faculty at Mt. Washington Elementary School. 

Creative drama is solely about process and building the necessary skills for students to participate in theatre, to help students develop new understandings of themselves and the world around them, and to become skilled in new ways to communicate through voice and body. Creative drama allows for participants to have multitudes of creative opportunities and provides sequential learning activities that build on one another to deepen participants’ understanding. Before students can take on the challenges associated with production, it is essential to first learn the basic theatrical concepts and build theatrical skills and knowledge through the experiential learning offered by Creative Drama. 

Her goal is to illicit creativity, imagination, verbalization, and collaboration using theatre strategies, story elements and literature. 

Primary Music

Classroom music for primary grades consists of integration and compression of tried-and-true approaches to music education with careful consideration of developmental windows of opportunity. Some of the overlapping activities/approaches employed in classroom music are: 

  • Listening Time - An integral step in the process of internalizing and performing music  
  • Kodaly - Based Singing, Sight-Singing (i.e. sing-reading do-re-mi’s) and inner ear development activities - all of which are especially conducive to phonemic awareness 
  • Music Appreciation Activities – Fuel for the imagination which also zeroes in on Audiation Skills.

Activities listed above are guided by the LAUSD Arts Instructional Guide (currently being aligned to California Common Core Standards for Music).

Enrich LA

Enrich LA builds high quality, long lasting, and sustainable gardens throughout Los Angeles. This innovating program ensures that students benefit and engage with their school garden. Garden Rangers are onsite weekly caring for the edible gardens and delivering straightforward and cheerful curriculums. 

Other Services

  • Share and Care Counseling 
  • Resource Specialists Program
  • Designated Instructional Services

Instrumental Music Program

The instrumental music program provides standards-based music instruction on the Violin, Cello, Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, and Trombone, starting with beginning classes, with the goal of creating a school orchestra at the school site.

Group Number of Students Length of Class
Strings, Year 1
12-15 students
45-60 minutes
Strings, Year 2
15-18 students
45 minutes, plus ensemble time

Woodwind and Brass,

Year 1

6-12 students, per group
30-45 minutes

Woodwind and Brass,

Year 2

10-18 students, per group
45 minutes, plus ensemble time