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School For Advanced Studies

What are schools for Advanced studies?

Gifted/talented students demonstrate evidence of high achievement in an identified area and need specialized services and support to fully develop their potential and support their academic success. Each L.A. Unified school with identified gifted learners must cluster-group gifted learners for instruction and provide meaningful differentiated learning opportunities that challenge students to achieve beyond grade-based standards and expectations.

Schools for Advanced Studies demonstration sites receive the SAS designation for their exemplary Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) implementation. By providing high-quality instruction with an emphasis on depth, complexity, acceleration and novelty, SAS sites offer high-level academic opportunities that meet the unique educational needs of K–12 gifted learners, identified in the Intellectual Ability, High Achievement Ability, Specific Academic Ability, Creative Ability and Leadership Ability categories or verified based on critical thinking/achievement. 

How do i apply to an sas site?

The application can be found and completed at GoTo.Lausd.Net, the enrollment period begins Oct. 1st. All applications and verification forms, if applicable, are due Friday Nov. 12th at 5:00PM. The late application window opens from Feb. 1st - Feb. 28th. No formal application is required for a qualified student who resides within the school’s boundaries. Your child’s eligibility will be verified at the SAS site through District records. If you have questions, contact the home school directly. 

What is the eligibility criteria?

For an applicant to be eligible, the student must be verified as meeting one of the following:

Student is identified as gifted by an LAUSD designated GATE Psychologist in the Intellectual Ability, High Achievement Ability, Specific Academic Ability, Creative Ability or Leadership Ability category. OR

Student received total national percentile scores of 85 or above on District approved Standardized Achievement Tests OR

Student demonstrates the ability to meet ALL FOUR critical thinking and problem-solving skills:

  1. Explain meanings or relationships among facts, information or concepts that demonstrate depth and complexity
  2. Formulate new ideas or solutions and elaborate on the information
  3. Use alternative methods in approaching new or unfamiliar mathematical problems
  4. Use extensive vocabulary easily and accurately to creative ideas

The school of attendance will determine if your child meets demonstrates all four skills. For questions related to the SAS eligibility, contact the Gifted/Talented Programs at (213) 241-4177 or [email protected]

How are students selected?

SAS applicants who meet the eligibility criteria and who reside outside school boundaries, but within Los Angeles Unified School boundaries, may be selected for participation after students residing within the boundaries of a School for Advanced Studies site are accommodated. 

If additional space is available, the selection process with be conducted in this order:

  1. Siblings residing within Los Angeles Unified School Boundaries (must meet SAS criteria).
  2. Students residing within Los Angeles Unified School Boundaries (must meet SAS criteria).

If there are more qualified applicants than spaces available a random, unbiased selection process will be conducted. 

Choices timeline

October 1 - November 12, 2021: On-Time Choices Applications and SAS Verifications of Eligibility Forms, if applicable, may be submitted. Email receipts for online applicants will be sent to Parents/Guardians.

December 6, 2021 - January 21, 2022: Confirmation/Correction Letters for on-time applications will be sent to Parent/Guardians.

January 10 - January 21, 2022: Online verification of eligibility for Gifted Magnet/SAS for currently enrolled L.A. Unified students must be completed by L.A. Unified schools of attendance.

February 1 - February 28, 2021: Late Choices Applications may be submitted.

February 7 - February 18, 2022: Program Eligibility/or Ineligibility Letters sent to Parents/Guardians.

March 14 - March 18, 2022:  Selection Waiting List Letters sent to Parents/Guardians.

April 8 2022: Deadline for selected students to accept or decline placement.

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