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Volunteers are a vital resource for many schools. Volunteers bring much needed assistance, experience and knowledge to our school communities.

Purpose of the School/Office Volunteer Program

  • Assist in classrooms, thereby allowing teachers to attend to students in need of extra help
  • Support school personnel in meeting the needs of students more effectively
  • Strengthen school/home/community relations by engaging parents and community as school volunteers
  • Provide adult role models for students through tutoring and mentoring opportunities that broaden their educational experience
  • Provide enriching intergenerational experiences for students and senior citizens that enriches students' lives.

Online Application Process 

To apply to be a LAUSD parent volunteer, please follow the Volunteer Process Application and follow the instructions. Please be aware that a TB is also required for Tier II volunteers. Fingerprinting will be required for all Tier III applicants. All LAUSD volunteer applications must be submitted online. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the office at (323)225-8320.

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