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Fire Procedures

Fire on School Grounds


This procedure addresses situations where a fire is discovered on school grounds. A quick response to this situation is very important to prevent injuries and further property damage.



  1. Upon discovery of a fire, teachers or staff will direct all occupants out of the building, signal the fire alarm,
  2. and report the fire to the school administrator.
  3. The school administrator will immediately initiate the EVACUATE BUILDING action as described in Section 4.0. Staff and students will evacuate buildings using the prescribed routes or other safe routes to the Assembly Area.
  4. The school administrator will call "911" and School Police (213) 625-6631 and will provide the exact location (e.g., building, room, area) of the fire.
  5. The school administrator will notify the Educational Service Center Administrator of Operations of the fire. A member of this group will call the Office of Communications with information on this situation.
  6. In the event of an evacuation, teachers will bring their student roster, any classroom "go" kit and take attendance at the Assembly Area to account for students. Teachers will notify the Assembly Area Team of missing students.
  7. ~ The Fire Suppression and HazMat Team will suppress fires and initiate rescue procedures until the local Fire
  8. Department arrives.
  9. The Security/Utilities Team will secure the area to prevent unauthorized entry and keep access roads clear for emergency vehicles.
  10. The Security/Utilities Team will notify the appropriate utility company of damages.
  11. If needed, the Logistics Section win notify Bus Dispatch to request buses for staff and student evacuation.
  12. Any affected areas will not be reopened until the Los Angeles City or County Fire Department or appropriate agency provides clearance and the school administrator issues authorization to do so.
  13. For fires during non-school hours, the school administrator and the Educational Service Center Administrator of Operations will determine if the school will open the following day.